Instant Rava Dhokla | Sooji ka Dhokla


Rava dhokla with step by step photos. Steamed, soft and fluffy cake made from rava or semolina. A healthy vegan snack.

rava dhokla recipe

This instant dhokla recipe I learnt when I was working in a school. The teacher colleagues were discussing how to make rava dhoka. When they were talking, my mind was registering all the details of this instant dhokla recipe.

When I went home, I told my mom the whole method and she made it the very next day. It was hit in our home and till today mom makes rava dhokla often. the recipe which we would make, used yogurt or buttermilk.

When I made the rava dhokla, I did not have yogurt at hand and so substituted it with lemon juice and water. The lemon juice + water combo worked like a charm. There was no difference in the taste in the rava dhokla made with yogurt and this one.

instant rava dhokla

This is an easy, quick and instant dhokla and does not require fermentation. I have steamed the suji dhokla in an electric cooker. A dhokla steamer or even a pressure cooker works well for steaming the dhokla. You can also make the dhokla in a microwave.

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I suggest using eno or fruit salt to make the batter airy. This is because I don’t like the soapy odour of baking soda in dhoklas. However, if you cannot get eno or fruit salt, then use baking soda instead.

This is a healthy snack option and goes best with sweet coriander chutney or papaya sambharo or mint-coriander chutney.

How to make rava dhokla

1. mix all the ingredients – 2 cup rava/semolina (fine variety of sooji), ginger-chili paste (½ inch ginger + 1 green chili – crushed and made into a paste in a mortar-pestle), 1 tbsp or 1.25 tbsp lemon juice, ½ tsp sugar, salt as required and 1 cup water or as required. Don’t add the fruit salt. Keep aside for 15-20 minutes. The batter has to be slightly thicker than the idli batter.

mix all ingredients for making rava dhokla

2. add 1 tsp eno-fruit salt.

mix all ingredients for making rava dhokla

3. Stir briskly and be quick. Make sure the fruit salt is distributed well in the batter. Don’t over do as you don’t want the air bubbles to escape.

mix all ingredients for making rava dhokla

4. quickly pour the batter in the prepared greased pan.

mix all ingredients for making rava dhokla

5. spread evenly and shake the pan to even out the batter. keep the pan in the steamer.

mix all ingredients for making rava dhokla

6. Cover the steamer and steam for approx 18-20 minutes. I used an electric steamer and steamed for exact 20 minutes. Check with a toothpick to see the doneness and if the toothpick comes out clean, then the rava dhokla is ready. Remove and allow to cool for 5-6 minutes.

mix all ingredients for making rava dhokla

Making tempering for rava dhokla

7. you can temper directly or unmould the rava dhokla carefully in a serving plate and then slice and temper the slices. To prepare tempering for dhokla, heat oil in a small pan.

tempering - rava dhokla recipe

8. first add the mustard seeds. Let them pop first.

tempering - rava dhokla recipe

9. Then add cumin and allow to crackle them. Add the asafoetida, sesame seeds and curry leaves and fry for some seconds. Switch off the flame. Add 2-3 tbsp water in the tempering. Be careful as the oil is hot and adding water would create a splurge. So add the water carefully.

mix all ingredients for making rava dhokla

10. Pour the tempering mixture evenly over the sooji dhokla.

mix all ingredients for making rava dhokla

11. Top with some chopped coriander leaves or freshly grated coconut. Slice and serve warm or cool.

rava dhokla

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Rava dhokla is steamed, soft and fluffy cake made from rava or semolina.

Prep Time 15 mins

Cook Time 20 mins

Total Time 35 mins

Cuisine Gujarati

Course: Snacks

Servings 4


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