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Puli Sevai ~ Tamarind flavored Idiyappam

puli sevai

Puli Sevai ~ Tamarind Idiyappam

This morning I served Puli Sevai, a quick breakfast prepared using left over Idiyappam aka steamed rice noodles. In our home, we enjoy a variety of quick to make tiffins, the South Indian fare, usually served for breakfast or an early dinner. Some of the favorites include a variety of flavored rice sevai (home made idiyappam). Idiyappam or rice string hoppers, forms the main base that is tossed in a tempering of spices and flavored with either lemon or tamarind, tomato, coconut, black pepper, yogurt and the likes. The savory sevai variations make great tiffin recipes, South Indian style, that are not only quick to make but also filling and full of flavor. You can check out the Vegetable Sevai recipe that I have blogged earlier.

Idiyappam or rice sevai is not to be confused with Vermicelli aka semiya. To learn how to make rice sevai at home, do check out Idiyappam recipe. If you are short on time and cannot make Idiyappam from scratch, use store bought instant rice sevai to prepare tamarind sevai.


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